Business Registration Services:

  • Reservation of Business Name
  • Registration of Business Name
  • Business Incorporation
  • Trademark Registration
  • Patent Registration
  • Business Verification

All business enterprises in Nigeria must be registered with the Registrar-General of the Corporate Affairs Commission (Registrar of Companies). You may elect to reserve or register a business name prior to registering a new business entity in Nigeria with us.
First we will determine that the business name is available, and then file to hold the name for you. We provide business name registration for the following:

  • Private or Public limited liability company
  • Unlimited liability company
  • Company limited by guarantee
  • Foreign Company (branch or subsidiary of foreign company)
  • Partnership/Firm
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Incorporated trustees
  • Representative office

Remember - reserving a business name does not register the business entity. You will still need to register your business after name reservation.

The RATE for the registration of a Business Name is #25,000.00

  • Submission of the preferred name and the alternative names.
  • The availability of the name will be searched for with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  • A reservation of the name will be asked for if the name is available (60 days validity)
  • The necessary document will be issued which is expected to be filled and submitted together with 2 passport photographs of the business owner(s).
  • The registration process will be through within two weeks with issuance of Certificate of Registration.

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CAPITAL BASE                                TOTAL
FEE                                                    SHARES
        #                                                            #

      50,000                                              55,000
    100,000                                              68,000
    250,000                                              75,000
    500,000                                              85,000
    750,000                                              95,000                           
 1,000,000                                              110,000                   
 1,500,000                                              125,000                   
 2,500,000                                              140,000
 4,000,000                                              206,000                   
 5,000,000                                              235,000
10,000,000                                             380,500
20,000,000                                             660,500
25,000,000                                             810,000
50,000,000                                             1,500,000



  • Identify the share capital of your company on the first column and make a 80% initial payment on the corresponding Registration Rate on the last column.
  • Submission of the preferred name you intend to register the company with and the alternative names.
  • The availability of the name will be searched for with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  • A reservation of the name will be asked for if the name is available (60 day’s validity).
  • The necessary forms will be issued to you which are expected to be filled and submitted.
  • The following document  will be issued within three(3-4) weeks:
    • Certificate of  Incorporation
    • Certified True Copy of Memorandum and Article of Association.
    • Certified True Copy of Forms ( CO2, CO6 and Co7)


  • Obtaining Certified True Copy of Memo and Articles of Association -    7,500.00
  • Obtaining Certified True Copy of Forms ( CO2, CO6, and CO7)  -          5,000.00
  • Filling of Annual Returns (without penalty)          -                                     4,000.00
  • Filling of Annual Returns ( with penalty)   -                                                5,500,00
  • Obtaining Certified True Copy of Certificate of  Incorporation -           20,000.00
  • Alteration of Memorandum & Articles of Association  -                           12,000.00

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Our Trademark Attorneys will process your trademark registration in Nigeria through the following three (3)Steps:

  • Trademark Comprehensive Study: Evaluate the probabilities of NIGERIA Trademark Registration. 
  • Trademark Registration Request: Our Trademark Attorneys will present and process your NIGERIA Trademark application before the NIGERIA Trademark Office
  • Trademark Registration Certificate: Obtain your Certificate of NIGERIA Trademark Registration. 

A patent for an invention is the grant of a property right to the inventor(s), issued by the Government Patent Office. To get a patent, we can file an application on your behalf. Our Patent Attorneys will be available to guide and help you process your registration.

Registration of Trade Mark or Corporate Logo in one class -                      #60,000.00
Registration of Patent -                                                                                    #60,000.00
Registration of Design -                                                                                   #60,000.00

Registration of Foreign Trade Mark / Corporate Logo in one class                  $500
Registration of Foreign Patent                                                                              $500
Registration of Foreign Design -                                                                          $500  

Duration for the registration of a Patent is 3 weeks
Duration for the registration of a Design is 3 weeks
Duration for the registration of a Trade Mark, you will be issued an Acceptance Notice within 2 weeks while the Trade Mark Certificate will be processed within 1 year.

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Business Identification is useful in situations where you need to know the exact legal status, ownership and location of a company. In the age of fraudulent activities, it became necessary to assist potential buyers of product and services in conducting identity investigation on businesses.

You may also have a consumer dispute or are considering legal action against a company or you may need to determine if a business is a fictitious business i.e. "doing business as" (DBA), a corporation, or a limited partnership, etc. You may want to know how to contact the owner or proprietor of a business to acquire that business or form an association with them. Our identity investigation service will offers you fast identification at a reasonable price.

We also provide a comprehensive range of critical services of all business, large and small. Whether you are small retail establishment in need of an employee theft investigation, a large industrial complex in need of a short or long term under cover operations or a corporation with a need for one to one hundred pre-employment checks. You can count on us.

We are your intelligence officers in the battle for the protection of your business. Gain knowledge of your prospective suppliers, sellers with product analysis investigation. Secure yourself against external threats and conduct background checks on business associates. Through our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, we are able to provide our services in a manner in which our policies and philosophies are implemented in the best interests of those we serve.

It is our objective to provide our clients with the most comprehensive personal protection services by offering a program designed for maximum protection with minimum constraints placed on those whose safety we ensure. Our primary concern is to make it possible for our clients (in this Business-to-Business service) to confidently conduct their business, corporate and personal lives in a secure environment.

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All payment should be made in Cash, Certified cheque or bank draft in favour of ‘XYBERTEK SYSTEM LIMITED ’ (using the below account No at ANY of the specified Bank Branches in Nigeria).

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Zenith Bank


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